Steeped in a legacy of excellence, RPHS stands as a revered professional pharmacy relief service, boasting almost 30 years of unwavering commitment to the pharmacy industry. Our mission is clear — to deliver seasoned, professional pharmacists to pharmacies nationwide. With a dedication to making a substantial impact in the dynamic landscape of pharmaceutical services, RPHS proudly provides relief pharmacists who adeptly navigate the evolving challenges of the industry.

At the helm of this distinguished institution is Karla Baughman serving as the Owner and CEO of RPHS, LLC. With a 22-year track record of continuous service in the pharmacy staffing profession under the leadership of Founder Linda Moran, D.Ph. who herself has served an impressive 50 years in the pharmacy industry, Ms. Baughman leads a team of professionals in the recruitment and temporary placement of relief pharmacists. Their collective expertise ensures the provision of exceptional services for pharmacies and pharmacy operations across diverse locations in the United States.

As we celebrate our rich history and look towards the future, RPHS eagerly anticipates the opportunity to extend our relief pharmacy services to your facility. Trust in our legacy of excellence as we continue to uphold our commitment to the pharmacy industry, providing top-tier professionals to meet the unique needs of your pharmacy operations.

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